Should a part become unavailable after order, you will be notified and your purchase refunded

Used Hard Parts Policy

MHPI supplies only the BEST good used transmission hard parts.

  • All pieces are visually inspected thoroughly to assure you are receiving a top-quality part.
  • Used hard parts are completely disassembled, cleaned, and packaged.
  • Extra packaging is done to prevent rust or damage in shipment.
  • The number of pieces you see in MHPI’s picture, is the amount you will receive. Please confirm that you are ordering everything you need.
  • MHPI does not remove used bushings but does recommend replacing them.
  • MHPI removes all seals, frictions, and most soft parts. You must replace them before installation.

If you receive anything that is incomplete, incorrect, damaged, or not up to your standards; please report it to MHPI staff by either phone of email within 3 days of receiving your part.
No replacement or credit will be given if the part has been installed.